April 8, 2011

Just Life and Death

You just never know where you'll find Poppy. ******************************************************************* FIELD TRIP TO A CREAMERY & BOWLING

99 (or more) bottles of milk on the wall.
Tasting fresh chocolate milk 1 minute old.

Ice Cream for Lunch.
Pizza and Bowling for dessert.
Love the bowling shoes.

Last week we made Shrimp Scampi for the cooking challenge. I left out the breadcrumbs as that seemed a violation. This was very, very good. I have a memory of the best shrimp scampi from my youth. I worked at a restraunt around the corner from my house and they had by far the absolute best... so this recipe comes second.


5 ladies and 2 boys headed down southish to sing and serve for a Requiem High Mass. Of course we had to take pictures of the windmills.
Eternal Rest grant unto Benedict, O Lord

And let Perpetual Light shine upon him.

May he rest in Peace.

Benny died with a priest at his side, what a blessing! He is the brother of our former priest Fr. Kunz. So this blessed opportunity to sing for this Requiem Mass came as a double blessing as I felt that we could do for Benny what no one was allowed (or knew how to do) for Fr. Kunz who would have loved his funeral to be a Requiem High Mass. But as he lived a pauper he had his last act of poverty at his funeral.
One is greatly encouraged when the first religious picture is of St. Cecilia.
The Church was very nice, other than than the Tabernacle being off to the side when Christ should be front and center. Of course my first thought looking at the church was that it could be easily remedied. The holy family statues were lovely.
Poor picture of the stained glass windows which were truly lovely.
The final blessing.
If you are interesting in learning the music for a Traditional Requiem High Mass please email me, I will get the music to you. It is music that has been lost since the dawn of the New Order Mass funeral. I would like a Traditional Requiem High Mass for my funeral so I will need a choir. :)
Eternal Rest grant unto Fr. Kunz O Lord.

And let Perpetual Light shine upon him.

May he rest in Peace.

How long is your litany of saints you are dying to meet in Heaven? Mine goes on and on many lengths.
We met this great priest at the funeral. This brings me to a very important point. I went to a Parish Mission this week by Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea. It was on Death, Judgment, Hell and Heaven. It was absolutely excellent. In his talk on Hell he spoke of, I believe it was St. John Chrysostom, doctor of the Church, who said that Hell was paved with the skulls of Bishops and that nearly all priests go to Hell. Talk about a sobering thought.


Quite a while ago I stumbled across a lovely act of love. It was to Adopt a Priest in Prayer. Our priests so badly need our prayers. They are chastized in public as much as mothers and fathers of large families are. Those of you who have large families know what I mean. You know all the canned comments. Well, priests who are real priests in their blacks stand out as men of God. Men who are taken out of men to be the servant of all who need them. Sadly so many priests are the social center of their parish rather than the servant on his knees in prayer and washing the feet of those whom God has chosen for them to serve. I would like to here ask you to adopt a priest in prayer.


Have you ever considered adopting in prayer a brother Priest?

"Mary Help of Christians" has suggested the following:

·Ask Mary to assign him to you.

·Love him like a real brother.

·Daily pray and sacrifice for him.

·Shield him from temptation.

·Beg God that he avoid giving scandal.

·Call him back to fervor.

·Become a saint that he may become one.

·Pray that Mary be a tender Mother to him and find him good friends.

·Ask for a new vocation to replace him.


Please prayerfully consider adopting a priest in prayer. I have a list of very special priests who have not yet been adopted but I don't think a priest can be adopted too many times either.


The cat was in a bit of a predicament.
Did I already post this one? Truly, this blury picture is of an Irishman in a kilt and the whole nine yards. Not something I always see in the parking lot of Menards.
OUCH! Gotta love a 15 passenger van on empty and the pain of filling it to full. Of course not that I have a "teeny tiny" car (which I have learned is actually pretty big) I don't feel the pain of the 10-13 mpg so much. Go ahead tell me how much worse it is in NYC, CA and AK!

Excuse all the stars, blogger isn't keeping the spaces between my lines.... anyone know what's up with that?!

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  1. Fr. Kunz's brother?!? May his soul rest in peace. It brought a tear to my eye to see your photo of Fr. Kunz's headstone.

    Thanks for the info on the Yukon XL. Much as I'd like to drive one, I just don't think it will work. We have (or will have next month) four kids in car seat, plus the other three. We looked at the Yukon and decided we'd drive each other crazy with the flipping of seats... And Joe's worried about a rear-facing seat, in the event of a rear-ender. So... I think we're van-bound. It will be either a used GMC or a used Sprinter... Still figuring it all out.