December 24, 2013

Ice, Snow and Cozy Days

 Cold temperatures and misty ice "storm" make a rather beautiful sight!

 The tire is a lovely addition to the beauty.... (Really?! I truly could think of a better parking spot.)

 Marigold singing her version of the Greek Alphabet....
 "Alpha, Geta, Seta"
 I believe it is her rendition of fashion as well.
 The tree is trimmed, the Nativity is up, presents under the tree and hearts ready... mostly... for Our Lord.
 Kili working on getting around in the world.

 Between misty ice storms there was wood hauling.

 We got a heap of about 6" of snow.  We wondered if we'd get out since our road was not plowed... not that we expected it to be.

So.. we took 3 vehicles fit for snow to Mass... see... a 15 passenger van really is fuel economical... just not snow worthy.

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