December 20, 2013

This and That Advent

 There was a debate as to whether Kili should be renamed Bombur. Galadriel said he might not appreciate that when he grows up.  There is one thoughtful person in the house anyway.
 Speaking of pigs... which we weren't... really... exactly.... we said farewell to our pigs, who are currently in the smoker.
 We had a rather old-fashioned system as they were at the other end of the property which doesn't have electricity.
 ... including good ol' fashioned ice breaking to give the pigs a drink.
 One reason we home school is that we like to be comfortable.  Actually, I have never seen any of our children do this... this is totally a Pippinism.
 He just wants to show off his special-extra chin.
 St. Nicholas Day included chocolate coins and St. Nicholas wrapped hershey bars.
 Frodo had taken an iconography class, that's his rendition of St. Nicholas.  We printed up some fun coloring and game pages from St. Nicholas Center. They have a great children section.  And wonderful gift ideas.

 Kili opened his stocking for the first time. Stocking compliments of Grandma M.

 Lots of fun tidbits in my stocking.
 We were able to attend the Ordination of 3 new priests. It's such a blessing to attend such a beautiful Sacrament.  What would we do without priests?

 We were able to receive the first blessings.  Sam and Frodo were blessed to serve at Fr. Vincente's first Mass the next day.  The first Masses are so beautiful!
 When Aragorn does the hair styling.

 Frodo had his first band concert at a local assisted living facility.

 Our homeschooling group also did some caroling and brought great joy to the residents there.

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