December 24, 2013

Urgent Prayers

Please pray for a friend, Roseanne Mills, who is in her last days battling cancer.  Remember also her husband Rick and their 3 beautiful children as they suffer at the foot of the Cross.  Roseanne is one of the most beautiful people I've met. She has suffered with cancer over the years and has remained joyful and accepting of God's Will.


  1. We will certainly be praying.

  2. With tears in my eyes, I am praying. Roseanne is one of my favorite people in the world.

  3. I find I run across the path of many people and most seem to come and go, but Roseanne leaves a beautiful memory of joy, something so lacking in this world today. I, too have had many tears today and my heart just aches. We must offer up every moment we can spare for her soul, that in her last hours of purgatory on earth may be her final moments of the necessary purgation that she may soon be in the arms of Our Mother by the side of Our Lord.