January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Frodo and Other Winter Goings On

 Happy 14th Birthday Frodo!  For his lunch out with mom and dad, Frodo chose Hu Hot Mongolian Grill.   At home for his meals he chose homemade lasagna for dinner, cranberry coffee for breakfast. He and Sam redeemed their Groupon for a local climbing gym that day and had a great time, albeit sore arms.
Frodo's cake choice was mint brownies.  Each of the 3 layers has a stick of butter in it!  Only a farmer boy can handle that.
 We hosted a sledding party with our homeschooling group. Since our priest who leads our catechism classes was there we asked him to bless our barn and the animals that hadn't been blessed yet.

 The bunnies are huge.  Said priest spent most of his life in Spain and asked if we eat them.  Oh my.  No.  Perhaps we'll have to go into raising bunnies for their eating pleasure. Being a beef, chicken and pork kind of gal, I have no use for eating bunnies, squirrels and other wild things.  I have grown to eating venison.

 Love the cassock!
 Love the cassock on the sledding hill!  That contraption is the "barrel thing" which races down a hill like 60.
 The boys pulled out the snowmobile... which is not a fancy snowmobile but probably, most likely a craigslist special.

 Studying with Dr. Who.  So we are Dr. Who geeks, "bowties are cool" and so are we... sorta... ok, maybe not but Dr. Who is cool bowtie and all.

 The Moms had a little gift exchange at the sledding party and I won a gigantic box of chocolates. Gigantic boxes of chocolates in our house are like small boxes of chocolates in most people's houses... do the math.
 Kili is exercising his powers to get up and go. He sort of does a bit of a crawl and I'm scared once he gets going. He pulled himself up to standing a couple times.
 This was just a pose, he didn't actually pull himself up in this particular picture, babies don't like to cooperate when they know you want them to.  Boy, he looks so much like Eowyn did when she was that age.
 Galadriel making riccotta cheese.  Thank goodness for our professional hand-milker Frodo who provides us with plenty of milk from our cow.

 Hanging the bag o' cheese.  It makes for a great lasagna!
 Sam's experiment with balancing Keva Planks.  He was hoping to balance this on just 2 but it was too big.  But still, an amazing feat on even just 4.
 Frodo's Keva House. I love the bookshelves, neat or what?
 Frodo received this awesome jig saw (or something like that) from his God Parents.  A perfect gift.
(ok, a friend said it as a scroll saw... is there a difference between a jig and a scroll? Probably)
 I'm not sure why there is a picture of the inside of our wood boiler but here it is.  I guess it's a reminder to avoid hell.
 Ok, so my girls love story telling with paper dolls they make themselves.  There is no paper doll on the market that rivals their homemade ones.  And such stories they do tell.
 These are the little listeners taking lessons in proper ways to tell stories with paper dolls.
 We were in dire need of storage shelves for our boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes and boxes) of clothing.  So Sam's been working on building them.  We had to convert our little chapel into the storage area so we will be making little mini-chapels in each person's bedroom with little home altar and kneeler.  Some day, my hope is to have a little chapel in the wood.  Some day.
 6 boys in one room is like containing a tornado in a single dwelling so we are "building" a 2nd boys bedroom in the basement (yes, there is a window, 2 in fact, yes, there is a door, yes, I've been asked that more than once...!)
Sam and Frodo are working on this on their own with some help from Galadriel.  They've been doing a great job.  When rooms are rearranged it will be Sam, Merry and Pippin in this room (yes, it also has a bathroom... I know, great... two boys bathrooms... just great) and Frodo, Bilbo and Kili in the current one.  Frodo is a neat freak so he'll be glad to have his own room (3 boys to a room is one's own room in this house!)

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