January 4, 2014


At the moment we are having a heat wave... it is 32 degrees.
For my warm-climate family and friends, please,put a jacket on before you even read this....

 A Wind Chill Advisory remains in effect ....

* Timing... wind chills of 20 to 25 degrees below zero are expected
late Saturday night and Sunday... then dropping to 45 to 55
below early Monday morning and again Tuesday morning.

Yeah... it's cold and getting colder... The comical part is that we just got out our ice cream maker to use up some of our excess milk... the excess milk we had before greedy calves and other bovine sizes decided to suck it all up without permission.... we are working on that issue. Anyway,  Ice cream during this kind of weather is like having hot cocoa when it is 30 degrees.  Kinda warms the innerds.

* For Lady M who is going sugar free please note those 3 bits of sugar laden, corn syrupy tidbits on the top, when in the shape of a shamrock, they become a green-leafy vegetable...! :D

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  1. So stay warm and stay safe!!! Keep that hot cocoa handy (-: I am SO glad my daughter (who lives in Chicago) is home right now (in sunny southern CA)---all that "below 0" and "wind chill" talk sure scares me. Prayers for you!