January 1, 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

 A blessed Christmas (Season) and a happy New Year to you!
 We attended Midnight Mass were 5 of my 6 boys served and 3 of us sang in the choir.  Afterwards apparently there was some kind of mix up in suit coats. Pippin was wearing Frodo's and Frodo was wearing a friend of his  and said friend hadn't yet noticed... and still doesn't know to this day of the great switcheroo.
 His Name was called Jesus, which was called by the Angel before He was conceived in the womb.
 Badly needed haircut was finally done... after this picture!
 Frodo was working on a house similiar to ours.
 Kili enjoying the items in his stocking. Not sure what he'll do with a ruler...
 Baby Jesus, Baby Kili and a sonic screwdriver.  During our family gift giving there seemed to be a Hobbit and Dr. Who Theme going on.
 Mr. Fatty here just barely squeezed into this suit... albeit the snap to the pants wouldn't close.... broke in fact.

 Buddy ol' pals

 Ornaments always taste good...
 I've got some hat lovers in my bunch.... and I'm ok with that. My grandpa used to wear a hat and he was one handsome man... wish I could find the picture.

 We had opened our presents within our own home on Christmas and opened "imported" gifts on New Year's Eve.  Was that just last night? It's been a long year already.
 Someone gave Eleanor a pair of hobbit feet slippers.  Apparently Hobbits also have very large feet.... not just hairy ones.
 Someone gave Frodo 3 deer. We found it rather comical since those are the only 3 deer he got this year. Ha...ha.
 Someone gave Kili an Insanity Claus Suit.
That's not a beard... that's a 2nd chin.  Ho ho ho.

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