January 6, 2014

Heroic Virtue

Son, thou oughtest not be turned back, nor presently cast down, when thou hearest what is the way of the perfect; but be drawn the more onwards towards its lofty heights, or at least aspire ardently for their attainment.
Thomas รก Kempis

The "way of the perfect" is heroic virtue. I was just thinking yesterday how the saints of old (and new) aspired to heroic virtue and how easy it is to be "cast down" by how difficult that is to attain in this world today. Probably it was always difficult, but we tend to think our little world is the be all and end all.  Virtue, not to mention heroic virtue, in this worldly world seems almost unattainable with so many distractions and complexities.  This quote is a reminder to simply be drawn onwards... in the battle for the Lord.  I think the key is to spend some quiet time in prayer each day... alone, where no one sees but the One who sees within.

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  1. Amen, AMEN! Let us encourage one another to persevere in prayer.