February 23, 2014

40 Above Zero

 No time to think about brushing one's hair when it comes to being 40 degrees above zero.
 40 degrees is positively HOT out.  Will we be setting up the pool soon?
 The snow finally got soft enough to work some more on the snow fort.
 Pippin climbing over the "big snow ball" which I believe he told me is the entrance to the fortress.
 I was introduced to the family of 43 snowmen.

 We're still trying to get our outdoor Nativity Set put away. It's frozen right into the ground.

 And of course 40 degrees incites one to pull out his bicycle! Naturally.

Pop Wheelie Psycho Boy.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, so that's why my daughter comes home from Chicago in the winter wearing summer clothes---if 40 above is "hot" we are certainly blazing around these parts (-:

    I love Poppy's stranglehold on Marigold---and from the looks of it, she loves it too!