February 12, 2014

More Urgent pryaers

UPDATE:  Jackie's BP remains stable by the Grace of God. Deo Gratias!  Please continue your prayers!  The power of prayer is amazing!  

(written by one of my sisters-in-law)

With a heavy heart, we want to let you know that Jackie's blood pressure continues to rise and she has been moved to the birthing center.  They are monitoring her blood pressure and she is ready for a c-section if it gets any higher.  They said there is no chance that the baby will survive if she is born now.  It could be tonight, tomorrow, or a couple of days.  We continue to pray for a miracle.  Please pray for strength for John and Jackie, and for wisdom for those in charge of their care.  Fr. Alex is with them now, and they will baptize their baby girl as soon as she is born.

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