February 9, 2014

Blessing of Throats and Other Goings On

 Following our absolutely beautiful Candlemas Day Mass our priest did the St. Blaise blessing of throats.
 Following this was another one of our great potluck meals.

 Frodo was having a snack that I was introduced to.  Cut a very large slab of home made bread. Scoop out most of the middle and fill it with honey.  Really?!  Really.

 Frodo was in a band concert with some children from a local good and faithful Catholic school.  It was a real treat for him to play next to this very talented young man, who also happens to be the son of my friend who had passed away not too long ago.
Frodo breathed a big sigh of relief!

This past Saturday Frodo participated in his first Solo and Ensemble Festival.  He received a first rating on his piece! So did all the others from our homeschooling band who participated!
 Kili is crawling and all over the place.  He loves to eat out of the dustpan.  Really?! Really.

 So I said, "What should we eat for February 2nd?" I was thinking of a nice commemoration for the Feast of Our Lady's Purification, the Feast of the Presentation. The reply was "Ground Hog"  Get it... ground hog, groundhog... ground pork.  I just about laughed my fool head off... so we made our ground hog into a sausage.  Frodo formed it into the shape of a groundhog.  Really?!  Really.

 Galadriel reading to the littles.  I'm not exactly sure the expression on Marigold's face but we don't ask to many questions about pictures.

 Frodo has been busy sanding down the walls and ceiling in the new bedroom in the basement. He is very eager to get Sam, Merry and Pippin out of his room.

 Eleanor & Poppy

 Galadriel, Eowyn balancing the clock on her head? and Rosie
Eowyn and Galariel

Did I mention mischief?
That said, he just might be a candidate for the world's fastest dishwasher (youtube) 

 This Sarah's Silks sword turned out to be his prrrrrrrrrrrrrecious.
 Don't mess with me. My name is trouble.... and don't you forget it.

An absolutely delicious chicago style home made pizza.

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