June 29, 2014

A Bit of My World

 It's that time of year again when we can relax a little... a very little... life is always busy, crazy, busy, fun, busy, exhilarating, busy, joyful, busy sorrowful, busy, busy, busy...
 Marigold with a very large roasting stick... was more representative of a gun than otherwise.

 Keeper of the sweets.
 I'm not sure why Sam opted to roast a marshmallow with his fingers but that must be 18 or something. It reminded me of the time in High School Chemistry Class when I was using the bunsen burner for the first time.  The directions said, specifically, "Place the crucible in the flame." so I deftly picked up the crucible and placed it in the flame, just long enough to scream as I burned my fingers.  Seems to me that "Pick up the crucible with tongs." would have been a good addition to the directions for dummies. I always livened up Chemistry.
 We had a 45 minute wild torrential rainstorm. That's our driveway river.
 Galadriel had the privilege of watching the trampoline rise up in the wind, fly over the pool and crash into the "Bucket House".
 There were piece all over the place.
 Good-bye driveway.
 Just a little water.
Only in my house will you find a handyman with my van door on the front porch.  You are always bound to be in for some kind of surprise at our place.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry about the trampoline! Hope it's still useable??