June 18, 2014

Graduation 1 of 12

Sam graduated on May 30th with our (big) homeschooling group of 90 families.
This year happened to be a small group of graduates, here pictured with the priest who hosts our group.

Frodo "graduated" from 8th grade... hmm... next year we will remember the boys to dress clothes.... awkward. :D  We really aren't so much 8th grade graduation types since at best one moves their desk...!

Congratulations, Sam!
Sam with our wonderful neighbors who were so kind as to come out for the graduation.
I like the "Congralulations"  I guess Costco forgot to cross the "t".... I don't know I guess I was the only one who found it humorous.

A nice little reception followed.
Meanwhile we had our party set for 2 days later... so naturally our 500 sweet potato plants arrived.  We always need multiple projects all at the same time. I think the idea is to keep us out of trouble... but I'm not sure that pans out so well.

Sam's graduation party was really enjoyable. The cookies were made by a friend of mine and the cheesecakes which aren't pictures were made by another friend, both soon to open a bakery.    Absolutely amazing baked boods!
These nifty blow up ice cube things are great for keeping stuff cold... compliments of a friend of mine, who was my right-hand-party-man woman
We had pulled pork, pulled beef, bbq (sloppy joes), cole slaw, potato salad, fruit, tortilla chips/salsa, veggies/dip and probably other things I am forgetting.
This does look like we are indeed "unsocialized" but if the truth be known the last count was 238 people came to the party.

We converted the carport into an eatery.

Menard's happen to have the tents on-sale for Memorial day... great timing.

The little men slurping down some fresh brewed Root Beer from our favorite brewery (where we get our brewer's grains for the animals... not that we are so much into breweries)

A rather unflattering picture but it was indeed a busy day.  Ridiculously busy.  So busy I could barely walk on my feet after the last people left.
We have THE best friends that are such a blessing!

I'm not quite sure what is going on here as it appears to me the boys are playing with fence posts?!

My parents came all the way out for a few days!

We had a great day serving our visitors for the day.  We are grateful so many were able to come.


  1. Oh my, your first grad! Congratulations! (You know how I love party pictures!)

  2. Congratulations again Andrew! And what's with those friends with all the hats?! LOL!

  3. That is awesome...congratulations!
    PS...could you add my son Max to your prayers? We just found out he has Kidney disease and has already lost 85% function. Barring a miracle , he will need a kidney transplant soon. As you know, we lost our youngest son 3 years ago during a bone marrow transplant. I am praying for his intercession for Max, as we have high hopes Sanjay is a saint...