July 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Rosie!

 Happy 13th Birthday, Rosie!
 13 letters spell out "Happy Birthday" (assuming I counted correctly)  This brings me to 5 teenagers in the house.  It's great!
 How many pyromaniacs does it take to light 13 candles?!

 So I sent the 3 out with 2 large containers to pick mulberries since the trees are bursting with them.
 They were overjoyed to show me ALL the mulberries they picked.  There is no sign that they ate any or anything.  That's the nice part, you can send them out and not have to worry (too much) about lunch.
 Our Basil is bursting out of the raised bed so after Galadriel and Eowyn spent an hour picking a big batch and some fresh garlic I was able to make a nice sized batch of pesto sauce.
It's super easy and  basil is easy to grow.  Since we are a rather large family we eat one batch in a single sitting as a side dish but the woman I got the recipe from back when I was teaching used to freeze them in ice cube trays and pop out what she needed.
Add into a food processor in this order:
2 packed cups of basil leaves
1 cup fresh Parmesian cheese
1/4 cup Romano cheese
4 cloves of garlic
1 cup olive oil
salt and pepper to taste (I just add that when we are ready to use it)
Whir it up in the food processor.
Pour into freezer safe containers.
Freeze (refrgerate or use right away - 1 batch works great on 1 pound of pasta)


  1. Happy Birthday Rosie! Sorry we missed it!

  2. Happy Birthday Rosie and thanks for the recipe, Julie!!!!