July 25, 2014

Summer Camp - My Perspective Part I

 I had the privilege of driving some lovely young ladies up to the Institute of Christ the King Summer Camp for Girls.  The motto of the Institute is "Living Truth in Charity". Sure can't beat that.
 Santa Claus carrying out the rather large bag filled with pillows, sleeping bags and whatever else we could squeeze in.
 The camp ground was on someone's private property.

 This beautiful young woman is no other than the amazing woman from Catholic Embroidery!  Be sure to visit (and shop!) her amazing wares HERE. She has the most amazing missal covers!  That said, I will be going up today to pick up the girls and attend the closing High Mass.  So naturally my missal with my lovely cover from Catholic Embroidery is missing (never ask a young lad to "put this on my shelf, please".  You are bound never to see the item again.)

I had the 3 littles with me for the ride home and "If they were good" (succumbing to bribery) I'd get them an ice cream.  Note to self, next time just give the baby the cookies and skip the ice cream in the middle... But he was happy... in case you were questioning that point!

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  1. It was such a joy to meet you and get to know your daughters throughout this blessed week! I hope they had a wonderful time!!