July 16, 2014

Taking Down Corn Crib

 Because we don't have enough projects we got into a taking-down-a-corn-crib project with some friends of ours.  The advantage of course was the salvage a lot of wood.

 My monkeys like to be on the roof... the higher the better.  They don't get that from me.

 Some late evenings.


 To take nails out or not to take nails out... that is the the question.  Whether 'tis nobler...

Almost THE END!


  1. I've heard of a barn raising, but not a barn lowering! Are you going to build another structure with the wood or use it for other projects?

  2. I think barn raising is the way to go, it not only gets a job done but it builds charity (as in the love of God) within families and neighbors! That said, our portion of the wood is going to be used for various buildings and whatever else we need wood for. It's also a good project for little boys with lots of energy.... they get to pound out all the nails! :D