March 26, 2017

Las Vegas Part II - Harley and Tournament of Kings

I will admit to being very excited to attend this one and only show we attended.  But the day first...

 This was the last day of the vet show. A total of 36 hours, which got a bit long!
 Speaking of the mythical inexpensive prices. If we wanted to *rent* a cardboard garbage can, it was $75 for the 3 days. This was said garbage can that our vet show "neightbors" had.  I dragged our trash all the way around the corner (I should be paid, I think...)
 These high pressure sales people had me sold on their very expensive aloe cream but I never did get to actually purchase any.
 The man on the other side of us was very friendly and gave us several nice pens (some shaped like syringes, paper and thumb drives in the shape of capsules. It actually came in handy to print up our tickets!

 I took at nap out by the pool. It was so beautiful, sunny and warm.
 There was even a pool chess game, huge pieces in 3-1/2 inches of water.
 My nap view... when my eyes were open. It was very lovely here as there were hardly any people.

 ON the other side there were considerable more people on the wave pool "beach".
 After a good hour nap in the sunshine I wandered through the vet show, more lego animals.

 Then it was time to break everything down and get it ready to ship.
 This time, instead of walking back to our hotel room we decided to take the tram.

 That evening our Italian friends had some must-buy items on their list.  First was the Harley Davidson Las Vegas shop.
 Once again proving I am very uncool.  This would not be the picture I'd want in my bio should I ever be blessed enough to become a saint.  *blush*

 Next was to the Bath and Body works.  
 We went back to our hotel to get ready for the show and I just happened to notice the sign on the door.  (no marijuana?) Ok. Apparently you can get a marijuana card in Vegas, no thanks.

 Finally it was time for the Tournament of Kings.  We were in Norway.
 This is a medieval banquet dinner show.
 Italians Anna who speaks English and Tino who doesn't.
 Dinner included soft drinks (or alcoholic if you wish to purchase), soup, full cornish hen, large broccoli, a couple potatoes, biscuit and an apple baked thing for dessert. It was all delicious... and finger food as there were no utensils.  It was medieval afterall.

 Then the show began. Each country had it's own king, ours, of course being Norwegian.
 The horses were beautiful and the show was loads of fun to watch.

 Knights at the round table. The only part that I could have done without was that they had some gypsie dancers come out. They did not add anything to the show but they weren't the attraction at all.

 That is our king. And he didn't win but it was still fun.

 On our walk home we visited the inside of the pyramid hotel.  Very interesting.

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