March 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Aragorn and Pippin and Other Happenings

 Happy Birthday to Dad and Pip!
 As disappointed we were to boycott Disney's Beauty and the Beast due to their immoral additions, the same day we had initially planned to go see it, we got tickets to see Cinderella play at a local Catholic high school with a friend of ours who was in it.  IT was GREAT!

 Jack was awesome! And what a voice!

 We had some 92 homeschoolers go to see it!
 Marigold and friends' baby Lucia.

 A few pictures from some classes at HFH.  A 4 week high school class on ballroom dancing.

 We celebrated Aragorn's 50th birthday with his family.  There was debate at what "over the hill" was considered. I always thought it was 50.  Here is what came up with a quick googling:
"As medical science progresses and life expectancies increase, the perception of what is “old” will continue to change. Generally, one is considered over the hill after passing one's physical prime. Some people may consider this to be 30 or 40, while others would say 50 or 60."
I'm going to stick with 50 since I had a few children since I turned 40! I don't feel over the hill just yet! I have heard that 35 is "advanced maternal age, seriously.  Since I was 35, of AMA, I had 1/2 my children!  35 as AMA is the most ridiculous things I've ever heard! AMA indeed!
 Anyway here are the 7 brothers, probably a very rare picture!
 Aragorn was gifted an awesome Ruger farmer edition which was all beautifully etched in a farm scene, it was splendid!

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