March 26, 2017

Las Vegas - Part III - Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon

 Finally we are getting out of the city.  Our destination is the Grand Canyon via the Hoover Dam.

 Lake Meade

 Back Side of Hoover Dam.

 After visiting the Hoover Dam we stopped at a town to fill up the car and get some water.  Not sure if this building had been actually around since this John Wayne moving poster, but it might have been, it was pretty old and run down.
 We also got some local raw desert honey straws. It was thick and super sweet
 And here is the general store. No joke, just like the old movies.

 Joshua Trees and lots and lots and lots of them.

 We arrived at the Grand Canyon West which is actually the part on an Indian Reservations.  It was about 2-1/2 hours from Las Vegas. Reviews said the West rim was not nearly as beautiful as the south rim, but this was gorgesous and worth the $76 per person to get in and walk the sky walk. It was lovely.  And 1/2 the distance from Las Vegas.

 They give you a bus ride to 3 points and include dinner in the amount.
 The first stop was at an old western village set up.

 Some of our party spend time in jail...

 We watched a shoot out which cracked us up.

 Our meal, which I forgot to take a picture of was bbq ribs, and a few sides. It was very good.
 Next stop was at the unbelievable canyon. I was unable to capture the vastness and beauty. It is so worth the visit.  Unbelieveable.

 Woops, out of order, this was a mock up cemetery at the first stop. Each tombstone had some comical words of who was buried within.

 The horses were beautiful
 This is Bob and Bill. (I know "These are" but they were kind of presented like one team)

 Ok, back at the gorgeous gorge.

 Creepy, seemingly this side of the rock will, maybe, someday fall off.
 But they have a rope holding it up. Chuckle. Just kidding, it's actually just blocking people from falling into the crack. I'm not fond of heights and there are no guardrails, just open, ready for the first person to just fall off. They told us that people tend to be more cautious without guard rails. I'll say, I was very cautious.
 There was one rock, about 2 feet wide and round to walk over the crack. Shudder.
 This is the skywalk at Eagle Point. It juts out over a 4000 foot drop in to the canyon. You can't bring your cameras or phones. But it was really amazing. I clung to the rail even though it is perfectly safe, it didn't feel safe.  You can look right down through the floor all the way down the canyon.

 The red Colorado River which flows through the Grand Canyon.

 Next  we went to the 3rd point, Guano Point.

 Woops, back to point 2. They had some outbuildings as how they would have been back in the day. It was a fascinating set up, the different kinds of houses and such.

 Cactus are fascinating when you come from a non-desert region.

 A real ancient set of outlets. (haha)

 Do not cross???
 Now we are back to the 3rd stop. Guano Point. (Bat dropping mine, no joke...!)
 This is the ant hill that we climbed up and it really looks like an anthill.
 This is the big mining apparatus for getting the cables across the canyon for carrying out the bat droppings, which apparently make good fertilizer.
 My understanding is that an army plane crashed through the cable destroying the bat dropping mining expedition. I am trying not to laugh.

 Arizona Ice Tea in Arizona.

 Our last evening out. We went out for sushi which was good (but not cheap). I was so tired I could hardly stay awake.

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