March 26, 2017

Las Vegas - Part IV - Red Rock Canyon and the Ride Home.

 Our last morning we spent driving the scenic route at Red Rock Canyon and hiking. It was such a beautiful day, sunny, mid/upper 70's and brilliant blue sky, most of the morning.

 Freckled Rocks?

 We went off the beaten track in search of burros, wild tortoises, and wild horses. But we only saw 2 wild burros, they were beautiful! No tortoises. One wild horse track and we thought we heard one. A jack rabbit and lots and lots of mule deer.

Out in the middle of the dessert is this great pine tree, but actually just a scheme to hide the cell phone towers.  Pretty comical.

 A few pictures from the sky on our ride home.

 This must be the Grand Canyon judging by the red Colorado River.

 Snow capped mountains


  1. I loved reading about your trip, though I read about it from the end to the beginning!

    Ten years ago, my husband and I, our son, our best friends who we met on our honeymoon and their son went to Vegas to go to the Grand Canyon for our 20th anniversary. We got to see it by helicopter, which was really neat. I commend you on going out on the skywalk - I don't think I could have done it. The Joshua trees - totally amazing. And Hoover Dam is something every American should see - a marvel of engineering.

    I have to agree with you about walking the Vegas strip - I could definitely have done without all the "handouts" - our son was a college freshman, but our friends' son was only 6 and didn't quite understand why we weren't interested in what the men were handing out. A quick trip to M & M's world made him forget all about it. I preferred walking it during the day - way less seedy. Did yo get to the Bellagio to see the blown glass - amazing.

  2. We didn't go into the Bellagio, so I googled the blown glass. Interesting. HAHA that is really funny about the 6 year old. That is another myth that Las Vegas is very "family friendly". I'm not sure what is family friendly about it or where in Vegas it is, but I didn't see anything family friendly about it and it won't be on our list of family things to do!