September 15, 2007

Big Boy Beds

Our crib has been, shall we say, very well loved! We bought it used 11+ years ago before Sam was born. 8 babies later it is on it's last legs... tie-wraps (same said tie-wraps used to handcuff criminals) ring a bell? I found a crib on Freecycle and while I was picking it up they asked if we'd want a twin bed frame. Certainly! Eventually it'll be another set of bunkbeds but for now this was just perfect. The next day Merry and I went to go get his big boy twin bed mattress. Obviously he is giddy with delight over his new big boy bed. We'll need to work on a bit of color coordination!

Pippin climbed out of his crib a few weeks ago so we've kept the side rail down on his crib. But with Merry giving up his toddler bed, we moved Pippin to his big boy bed rather than setting up the "new" crib.
He didn't stay awake long enough to get giddy.
The sad part was that I simply couldn't part with that crib, dead as it is! I'm hoping the slats can be used to make either a play pen or something. Silly me.


  1. Your family is so beautiful. Their round sweet faces always make me smile. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.
    Heather - NY

  2. Beautiful Children Julie,

    Wow do those two girls ever look like twins. Quite amazing.

    God bless you,
    The Darnowskis