September 14, 2007

Nature Walk

Somewhat across the road from our house is a public hunting grounds with some hiking trails. Amazingly this is the first time we had gone on one of the trails as a family.

Galadriel enjoys toting Pippin in the backpack... of course it doesn't last all that long, even a skinny-mini like Pippin gets a bit heavy.

Merry being his usual loveable self. As you can see the mosquitos love him too!
Of course this is a rather easy hiking trail... just our style.

We were able to take a picture of our house from up on the trail.

This is the local landscaping. Over-population at it's finest!

Merry scoping out a milkweed pod.

One of many beautiful patterns in nature.

Of course the highlight is the fluff inside.... just helping nature along a bit.
Eowyn among the grasses.

The crowd that took the more leisurely pace.

It's almost like having a twin.

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