September 2, 2007

Jelly, Bagels and Tips

Since we had a side of beef coming to hog up our freezer, I could no longer procrastinate the making of jelly, regardless of how hot it was. Here is our basic set up. We have a stove-top juicer (I highly recommend it! Try Lehman's), a large pot, sugar, sure-jell and of course juice. I am a big fan of Strawberry Jam but the children prefer jelly. Next year I will be making one batch of strawberry jam for the mistress of the house!
With the warm weather I used the juicer on the grill. All you do is put the fruit in the top layer and water in the bottom layer. By way of steam the juice is drawn down into the middle layer. When finished you simple unclamp the hose and drain into a jug. Very easy.

Soaking lids, clean jelly jars, a ladel and a wide mouthed funnel, simple as all that.

The first day I made 7 batches of Strawberry Jelly and 3 batches of Mulberry jelly. The Mulberries were from right here on our property. They were in great abundance this year.

Our oven is still out, we finally have a new board but something else is causing it to over-heat. Here are some bagels cooked on the grill. And no, they don't taste like a grilled weiner!
As most people might guess the wages of a mother are rather slim, usually just the change the man of the house doesn't spend. However on this particular laundry day I was tickled to hang out a nice piece of paper money. I was very grateful for the tip!

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