September 2, 2007

Our New York Vacation Part II

My BIL M teaching the boys whiffle ball.

I wondered why we have never gotten a whiffle ball set. Will have to remember that one if I ever see one while out.

Aragorn takes a boatload of eager children out for a spin.

Sam, Frodo, Eowyn and Eleanor all tried tubing.

Eowyn tubing.
My BIL R and my neice K.
Fran's kite.

Aragorn is on the "insecurity" team. This was one of his Father's Day t-shirts from Despair. He's carrying Merry to get him used to the water.
Merry had no trouble adjusting and enjoyed swimming with the inflatable dragon tube.

The Dinosaur BBQ Biker Joint is famous for it's delicious barbecue pork.
"A genuine Honky Tonk Rib Joint"
Dinosaur Barbecue

Mom had this dinner catered from Dinosaur Barbecue. BBQ Pork, Potato Salad, Chicken and Baked Beans.

We had arrived on my mom's birthday. We made an attempt to surprise her with a cake.

BIL M's family was up visiting from New Orleans.

My sister N and her daughter K.

My sister S presents the surprise cake.

Mom was pleased!

Grandma had helpers to blow out the candles.

Pippin had no troubles downing that cake. Cousin T looks a bit abashed at the state of Pippin's chocolate shirt!

It would be quite unusual to see Aragorn without tools....vacation being no exception. Here he is sporting Dad's ancient toolbox!

Eowyn and Cousin C

My sister B and C.

More cousins.
The night before we left neighbor Fran invite us all over for ice cream sundaes. I might add that Edy's creamy something or other is VERY creamy and very good!
Cousins enjoying dessert.
My nephew T

My neice C washing up in the finger bowl... that is large finger bowl. I think C is a poster child for a Montessori School Catalog!

My sister N and darling K again.

2 of my sisters and 2 of my neices.

Enjoying Fran's hammock

Merry showing how much we enjoyed our trip! It was a lovely week full of constant excitement and things to do! I was also able to go to a baby shower for a cousin of mine so it was really nice to see so many of my cousins.

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