March 14, 2010

Fashion Police

Help! Call the Fashion Police, my kids dressed themselves... I found that picture on the digi-cam this week and at first I thought I wouldn't post it...... til...............
I was browsing a JCPenney flyer I got in the mail. I remember when I was young my dad simply couldn't match his tie and sportcoat and pants. But now that I see the new fashions, it really was only that Dad was fashionably ahead of his time! (Incidentally I am quite sure this is why priests wear all black, they just can't get it wrong!)

By this point in the catalog I am nearly dying laughing.

Once I saw the Men's pink gingham shirt and pink polka dot tie and tried to envision Aragorn in this, I said, "Aragorn, you are very unfashionable!" And I proceeded to show him the pretty shirts and ties...........

And I kid you not, a handful of pages later I found these jeans! By gum! Aragorn is a fashion statement! We call these pants "barn jeans". I looked at the price... $42.... on sale for only $19.99!!! Watch ebay for Tom's old pants, we've found the big bucks!

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