March 6, 2010

Nothing in Particular

Magnetic Rocks
Don't ask me, they found it in the field. Another one of the recent rock-finds looks like it is speckled with fool's gold.
They have even taken the naughty ones to a cry room... not that they are ever naughty of course.
Our complete Mass Kit and vestements were from
The hosts were cut out of tortillas.
Obviously "father" needed a hair cut!
Our babies have all been tummy sleepers. It is always quite a time when the babies roll from tummy to back at 3am and can't get back in their comfort zone. It's nice when they can sleep any which way.

Rosie and her walking stick.... for a giant.
Merry walking with Poppy
One proud big brother!
Pippin helping Poppy in Pippin-fashion.
Poppy is now 1/2 year old if you can believe it and sprouted her first tooth, well, as far as the spoon test "tink-tink" goes :)

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