March 21, 2010

Nothing Much

The watch-not dog.

When the picture taking gets taken over by the little people those who wish not to be in pictures find themselves in them anyway. Poppy in the Moby Wrap. And excuse the infomercial but these are the most comfortable baby carriers I ever used.
Goat Riding

You can get rid of anything on Craig's List, even goats. Here the children are saying good-bye for the last time to goats. So they thought they would ride them.

We gave away our 4 goats because.... what do you do with a goat?

They are kind of cute to look at for a while but then they begin to eat everything and anything and make holes in the sides of buildings. So anyone wishing to bring more animals to the land of misfit animals, no goats please... no jumping pigs either.

Another one of those unwanted pictures. Fixing Poppy up in the Moby Wrap.

I'm not sure why but the children found these clusters of pinecones wildly funny. *shrug*

We had a nice stretch of beautiful weather but I hadn't counted on snow on the trail.

We went with a local friend of ours, we'll call her K (haha)
The nice part about the trail is there are rocks the children can climb and mine are alllll climbers, and they start young. Poppy's working her way to climbing... sigh. Can you find 8 children up there?


On a hillside of rocks one doesn't realize how deep some of the snow can be! Oops!




Sam and Frodo (can you find him?)



Frodo and Rosie who are quite a pair. They are good buddies.


K 'n the Kids


Eleanor, Galadriel & Rosie

Mom 'n the munchkins... errr... hobbits

Got honey, honey? What a messy project. We got some of the most delicious honey extracted out of our hives recently. Very sweet and yummy! But I think it will be sticky for months.

Last year we got the worst honey.... because.... we learned the hard way.... that bees need to cap the honey off first otherwise it bubbles and perkolates and tastes ... funny. So here is some of last year's honey being made into mead. This is obviously Aragorn's project. After it is finished, we try it and say "Ewwwwwwwwwww!" Though I once had a friend who actually liked it.


The big excitement today was that 2 geese laid their first eggs. Then there was the talk with what to do with these eggs.... "Give one to the priests!" Well, of course, just what they always wanted!

Fishing Expedition

Grandpa took a couple sons and a handful of grandsons on a fishing expedition.

Even Pippin stood still long enough to nab a fish.

Looks like a pretty little place to me.
Here's one of the fish. I guess the biggest they caught was 16 inches.

Measuring the fish
They caught 29 fish in all over the span of a couple hours.

Thankfully the fish come gutted, I wasn't relishing the idea of that kind of a project.
Three Boys Playing
Three Girls Playing


  1. Great pictures Julie! I love my Moby Wrap too! I need to figure out some different ways to wear it now that Isabel is getting older. John agrees there is not much you can do with a goat. I think they are so cute as babies. We may eventually get a couple as pets. We will see :)

  2. Among all the lovely pictures and stories, I love the last two: the difference between boys game and girls hames!!!!:)