March 14, 2010

This 'n That

Sam made this little hurricane that Frodo is holding out of 2 little bottles and then he said, "I wish we had another big jug from the apple juice."
Well, he did find a 2nd jug, a full jug, next thing we are asked to help empty the jug. Let me just say, you can only drink so much apple juice in a single sitting. But it was all in the name of science.
And here is the big hurricane.

Bilbo watched a little too much Lord of the Rings, he now constantly shoots orcs and "ga-wum". A train track is his sword and a Handwriting Without Tears Large Curve is his bow and a large train track is his arrow. I will try to get a short video up of him as he has the full sound effects as well.
And you ask just how I knew to take these pictures... she is a 10th baby, been there done that!

I know, it is absurd at 6 months. I have a friend who says "Push her down!"
I'm sure she's just checking to see if we are all watching her, she is rather demanding in the attention department.

Almost there.

Yes! Pippin does sleep, though for about 2 years she did sleep on the couch every night as the wolves slept under his bed..................!

Poppy's always crawling in and out of the coffee table.

And in and out under her exersaucer.

Trouble needed a cage.

This was our Social Worker Sundae celebration dessert.

Spring has sprung and it's time to sproing.

It turned 45 degrees and the kids thought it was summer. By the time it got up to 59 degrees today, they thought they should pull out the sprinkler "It's so HOT!" This time of year I have to set out temperature rules. 55 and you can take your jacket off, 60 and you can take your shoes off..... "But Mom! It's so hot out, we were just dyyyyyyyyying!" It is beside the point that there is still snow on the ground!

Poppy always seems to have her mouth gaping open, I suppose once she starts to talk she'll have to put it to good use keeping the 3 boys above her in line.

Please note the POT that is sitting on top of the wood boiler. That contained our maple sap collected this year. This comes of having a husband like mine and an oldest son who is just like his dad!

Once it boiled down enough we brought it inside to finish the boiling down.

Several hours later.

Sunday Breakfast was pancakes with fresh syrup. It didn't taste smoked at all after it finally boiled down.

Merry and Poppy playing the William Byrd Mass.

The girls started on a flower making project that Galadriel received from Our Magnum Opus. Thank you so much! ☺

Merry has been working with pennies and buying things so Eowyn and the other girls were busy working on making a full store.

The nice part is that not much sound comes out, unlike the first 4 weeks! I really should have taken a picture under a magnifying glass, truly she isn't bald!
In preparation for breakfast Galadriel showed me this strawberry.

Kind of a Siamese Quintruplet of a strawberry.

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