November 1, 2012

Happy Feast Day!

Today we commemorate the Feast of the Communion of Saints:
The Church Triumphant:  Those souls who are already in Heaven enjoying the Beatific Vision, God Himself!
The Church Suffering:  Those souls who are suffering the painful fires of Purgatory.  Those who did not make up for all their sins while on earth but yet were still in the State of Grace, they died still needing to be purified, to be purged.  They are guaranteed Heaven by the end of time as we know it.
The Church Militant:  Those who are still on earth, in the State of Grace (no mortal sin on the soul). That's us! Soldiers of Christ, fighting the Battle for the Lord every day.  Suffering daily to make up for sins, purging ourselves through the purifying fires of suffering.  What is on your banner in this battle?  Mine has a crucifix, Our Blessed Mother, shackles and Lily of the Valley.

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