November 4, 2012

Odd Mix

 Couple brace of coneys.  (actually 2 rabbits and 2 squirrels)  Being cleaned as I type.  I think I'll be eating a can of soup.

Thursday was the last Rosary Rally for the election after 20 weeks!  I was only able to go twice as it coincides with my holy hour, 7-8pm.  But that's alright, some praying out in the elements, some praying in the Church, prayer can be united no matter the distance.  As usual the protestors protesters those who need to prove their point, were out.  But  a neat thing happened.  Several of them went right up in front of where we were praying so we got to see their various signs.  Shortly thereafter a group of boys (middle/high school age) from the Rosary Rally went up and stood right in front of them.  I thought it was touching.  Frodo was one of them, he told me on the car ride home that they were throwing rocks at his back... and hard!  The evening ended after 15 decades of the Rosary, the Litany of the Saints and a dozen or so verses of "For All the Saints". 

I haven't forgotten the Poor Souls and must do a little tribute to them one of these days.  In the meantime I'm reading Purgatory that's an eye opener to how little we truly suffer on this earth, yet we really think we suffer.  We only have here and now to actually merit grace.  After our death we have no way to merit grace and how soon we will be forgotten!!  Who will pray for us?  Who will have Masses said for us?

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