November 18, 2012

Opening Day

 Yesterday was opening day for hunting. Well, there were other seasons but this is the official hunting season :D
 Doe a deer a female deer!
 Her best pose... ?  Really?
 I enjoy my moment of pride at a distance.  This year Sam wanted to try the heart. I opted for an Arby's sandwich.  He really liked the heart and apparently the baby did too.  Frodo enjoyed squirrel.  I did not enjoy seeing the remains of the squirrel when I returned. 

 We had a traditional "hunter's breakfast" of eggs and sausages and toast and our not-so-traditional "hunter's lunch of ... now before I lose your respect... this "not-so-traditional-tradition" is, shall we say, a family... thing... Balogna, "fake" cheese, cheap bread (which was suppose to be buns... my bad), white potato chips (so you know if they are dirty) and chips ahoy... oh.. and squeeze Miracle Whip.  I know what you are thinking, and it's ok, I'm thinking the same thing.  Back in the day when I made this for the first time there were no sequeeze bottles of miracle whip and it was placed in a baggie and the end was snipped off... with a dirty hunting knife I would suppose....
 "My baloney has a first name it's YUCKY, my baloney has a second name it's .....
 Galadriel and Eowyn went out in their oversized duds to try their hand at chasing deer.  Go ahead and laugh at us, we still have not gotten the timing right when on earth the hunter safety field days (or even a complete local course) are.  The 4 oldest did the on-line course and we never did find a field day.  But they can still do some chasing. 

A little less than desirable.  But will be real nice on our plates. I'm hoping for gyros, Sam is hoping for brats.

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