November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner

Blurry Camera alert :(
 All the grandchildren. 
 Aragorn's side of the family knows how to do "family style"..... seriously.
 It's an "L" shaped table and accomodates everyone, parents, children, grandchildren.  Everything is passed all the way around.
 Cute table settings
 My girls went over to help Auntie with the construction of the candy turkeys.  They came home quite wired up, obviously having tried every kind of candy... more than once! :)

 We started the evening with a lively game of Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit.

 No party is complete without a skunk in arms. :D
 Then we had round of the good old fashioned Original Trivial Pursuit.
 I guess I forgot to take a (blurry) picture of the dinner food, and forgot to count all the courses that were passed, but dinner was a splendid array of turkey, chicken (since I can't eat turkey... waaaah), all sorts of side dishes and the best of all... the stuffing.  Then was the pie buffet for dessert.
 I guess this one didn't make the picture and was Sam's favorite. A Pumpkin trifle.  Sam is eager for the recipe!
 A day with grandma and grandpa is never complete without some dressing up.

Some being more dignified than others!  :)


  1. Love your holiday gathering pictures! I take notes!!!

  2. I'm so glad the trifle was enjoyed! This is why I tell people not to feel badly for us and our diet... that trifle was completely gluten free, but it was a hit at both Thanksgiving get togethers, even amongst all the delicious "regular" desserts! :)I'll find the recipe I used and pass it on!