March 30, 2013

Feast of St. Joseph and Confirmation Day

 On the Feast of St. Joseph we were especially blessed to celebrate the first Traditional Rite of Confirmation in over 1/2 a century in our parish.  It was one of the most beautiful days!  The day started with the Traditional Latin Mass at 4:30pm with our lovely children's choir singing, most who would later be Confirmed.    They sang so beautifully, if I must say so myself!

 At 7pm we had the Traditional Rite of Confirmation with our Bishop.  This date was special also because it was also the day that our new Pope Francis was installed! What a day to share!
 We had 78 confirmandi that came from all over.  Probably about 20 from our parish.  3 of my children were Confirmed.  Eleanor chose St. Cecilia and one of her aunts as her sponsor.  Merry chose St. Philip and one of his uncles as his sponsor.  Pippin chose St. Juan Diego and a "giant" for his sponsor. And you say "Huh?"  Well, after discussing the importance of chosing a sponsor and a patron.  Pippin said, "I'd like to choose a giant for my sponsor."  I laughed and said, "Then any of Daddy's brother's would do!" (haha)  Later he said he would like to chose CN as his sponsor.  Well, he got his giant as there are few who are more of a giant in the Faith than this man!

And so you ask, "Where are the pictures of your children?"  Well... umm... you see... we haven't taken any yet because I was busy fluttering around trying to make ends meet and I haven't taken any yet. I know, very pathetic. But we'll get them gussied up again in their Confirmation duds.

 I was very blessed to be asked to be a sponsor for a sweet young lady who chose St. Elizabeth of Hungary as her patron. Such a beautiful saint to emulate!

 The Bishop was most regal in his beautiful vestments, there was a plethora of  altar boys and priests.  It was so beautiful! Our adult choir sang for the Confirmation. I must share the words to one of the hymns:

O Ignis Spirtus
O fire of the Paraclete, Life of the life of all creatures, You are holy in quickening  all kind. You are holy in anointing the dangerously stricken;

You are holy in wiping the reeking wounds.  O breath of holiness, O fire of love, O sweet flavor in the breast and flooding of the hearts in the good aroma of the virtues. O most pure fountain in which it is contemplated that God gathers those who are estranged and looks for those who are lost.

O breastplate of life and hope of the union of all the members and O sword-belt of virtue, save the blessed. Guard those who are imprisoned by the enemy, and free those who are bound, whom the Divine Power
wishes to save. O mightiest path, which has penetrated all things in the highest places and in the earthly ones and in every abyss, You compose all and unite all. From You the clouds flow, the ether flies, the stones have
moisture, the waters lead out brooks and the earth exudes freshness. You also always lead forth the learned having been made joyous through the inspiration of wisdom.  Whence praise be to You, who are the sound
of praise and the joy of life, the hope and the most powerful honor giving the rewards of light.

Afterwards we had a dinner with at least 280 people.  Not sure how many people were sitting on laps!  It was a very blessed day!

Please offer a prayer for all the Confirmandi, we need our soldiers!

Meanwhile at Grandma's....

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