March 13, 2013

Pope Francis

I love the name of our new Pope... I was tickled!  Pope Francis!  And if he truly is going to follow St. Francis of Assisi then I hope he will continue to rebuild the Church as St. Francis did.... according to the Will of God, according to the traditions of Holy Mother Church, according to a life of humility and poverty.  In our parish alone, we have shown the fruits of Pope Benedict XVI's Motu Proprio.... as we prepare for the first Traditional Confirmation in our diocese in 1/2 a century, as we prepare for the first full set of Traditional High Masses during Holy Week and this after only a little over 5 years of the TLM.  Deo Gratias!  Where we go from here remains to be seen... we can either get what we deserve or by the merciful Hand of God, get what we really need.  But I think it will be clear enough, no matter what path, we are bound to suffer as there is no path to Heaven that does not include the Cross of suffering.


  1. Nicely said. And congratulations on the Traditional Confirmation! We've been allowed traditional Baptisms and First Communion, but so far a Traditional Confirmation has been refused. We're grateful for what we do have, though. :)

  2. Such wisdom in your words, Julie! We are praying right along with you that he will preserve and encourage the traditions of the Church as did Pope Benedict XVI before him.

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