March 10, 2013

Mish Mash of Nothing Much

 Eowyn is OFF SEIZURE MEDICATION!!!!!  YIPPEE!  IT was a happy day!  Since we do not have drug coverage on our health insurance that meant $150 less to pay per month! However.... when I went to pick up Eleanor's and Merry's  seizure medication the other day it had gone up 4 TIMES AS MUCH. NO KIDDING.  It was up from $75 per month each to almost $300 per month EACH.  $600 per month.  (and that was the price matched price!)  I just sat there in my car at the drive-up pharmacy window staring in disbelief.  Um... excuse me but that is almost our whole monthly food bill.    So, needless to say we are looking around for somewhere else to  buy it from.  The UK has it much cheaper.... and we found a place in TX. So we need to get going on that!   A call in to their doctor is in line as well. That is absurd.
 To celebrate the Feast of St. Mathias we had a 1/2 dipped cookie... afterall, he was not an original Apostle but the one who took the place of the traitor, Judas.... hey, it was my attempt to feel like those awesome families who come up with all those neat food ideas for celebrating saints and Holy Days like at Catholic Cuisine! (love that site, it allows me to live vicariously as a cool mom!)
 Ok, so I just wanted a pair of sneakers for Bilbo.  I get these home and find they have lights on the bottom. I loathe shoes with lights on the bottom.  But I loathe returning things too. So these will be taking a ride on the microwave turntable soon's we can get them over to the warehouse building. We don't have a microwave here.  Microwaves are great for curing households of annoying noisy toys and brilliant shining shoes.
 After the funeral we had another round of sickness.  Between, sickness and weather we've been living under the proverbial rock.  She spiked a nice fever of 103.6.    I really, really, really long to get back to our regular daily Mass routine. But if we feel alright then we can't get out of the driveway due to weather and if the weather is lovely, we can't get out of bed.  I'm not quite sure what I'm suppose to learn from this!
 She dressed herself all by herself.
 The boys enjoyed their first popsicle bridge competition. I cannot remember how well they did but there is talk about next year's competition.

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