November 10, 2013

Celebrating All Saints' Day

 I was on the committee for the All Saints day party, one of the games we made was Saint Paddle Dice.  Sam made the dice and paddles for me and then the girls helped modge podge the saints on to the dice and paddles.
 Our first celebration was at home.  All Saints Day was on a Friday so we had meat. We do not ordinarily eat meat on Fridays as it has always been a tradition of the Church to abstain from meat on Fridays.  So believe me St. Lawrence grilled steaks were awesome on a Friday.  Meat always tastes better on a Friday. If you don't know what I mean then try not eating meat on Fridays :D
 St. Isidore's corn. In case you wondered what happened to all the corn we froze this summer.  We are enjoying it.
 St. Gabriel's trumpets (visit Catholic Icing for fun ideas for All Saints' Day!)
 Heavenly Clouds. This is actually a cheese dip a friend told me how to make. You take a container of already made cheese dip, whip in 2 bricks of cream cheese and some garlic (or dried garlic) and you have a nice fluffy dip.
 St. Cecilia's piano keys and more trumpets (actually chocolate peanut butter bugles)
 St. Therese the Little Flower's... flowers.
 St. Peter's fish.
 St. Brigid's milk... this time chocolate. Chocolate milk comes from brown bunnies.
 St. Elizabeth of Hungary's bread.  This actually was day old subway buns given to us by a friend of mine, truly a St. Elizabeth.
 St. Isidore's candy corn and pumpkins... but note that the pumpkins were all eaten.
 2 days later we had our homeschooling group's All Saints' Party. Here are the Saint Paddle Dice. has AWESOME coloring sheets. I made some into holy card size as well.  Do go and check them out!
 Lots and lots of door prizes.  Note:  always put names on the tickets for door prizes...! Whoever came up with the idea to use numbers isn't a mother, that much I know.
 Aren't these decorations adorable.  Mums in pumpkins.  Totally cute.
 Frodo's St. Francis used with an animal toss game.
 Lots of fun minute-to-win-it games fmor the older children.
 Ticket cash-in for prizes.
 Fr. Rick came to enjoy some of the evening.
 Is this cute or what? St. Jerome's Vulgate Translation Bible.
 Vice pinata, hit with the virtue stick.

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