November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Meals

 Our morning started with an interesting catastrophe, the ham, egg and broccoli bake slid off the stove onto the floor. Ooops. We had a "take two" on assembling that one.
 Not exactly a pretty picture but a very tasty one.  Also had a potato hot dish and sausages, we forgot about the pumpkin bread and grapefruit.
 This is our turkey... yes, breast down... and that's the neck alongside.  My kids seem to like all the ugly bits.
 The 2 young hunters went out to chase all the deer away.  They are like tramping dwarfs.

 The turkey turned out beautifully and as this recipe calls for the breast down, it was so very juicy. I had stuffed the cavity full of celery, carrots, onions, garlic, parsley and chives.
 The nice bits on one side and the ugly bits on the other. The neck wasn't quite as impressive though did end up in a one-sided discussion on how the turkey gets anything down its throat, it's so narrow.  They really like the tail (yeah, I get grossed out, too)
 In coming the bigger hunters.
 We had 2 kinds of stuffing (one given to us... thank you!), buns, salad, corn, stuffed mushrooms...
 cranberry orange salad, potatoes, fresh shaken butter, pumpkin bread (forgotten from breakfast), cranberry sauce, spinach casserole and of course.... gravy.

 The Neanderthal man of the family.... can he do it?  Yes he did it... he ate the whole doggone leg!
 Kili enjoyed a bit of a bone.... but liked the desserts better.
Lemon cheesecake (those aren't floaties just some loose graham cracker crust), fresh pumpkin pie and chocolate pie.  YUM.  Yeah.... we're stuffed.  Tonight we'll have a light dinner of leftovers and my grandma's recipe molasses cookies.... assuming we aren't still stuffed.

Anyone else sick of hearing the words "Black Friday"?  I think I've gotten about 6,000 emails with those words in the last week.  Do you go out shopping? I absolutely do not!  *shudder*

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