November 10, 2013

Extended Edition Hobbit Dinner

 The 5th of November was the official release date for the Extended Edition of the Hobbit Movie so we decided to have a Hobbit dinner... or High Tea perhaps.
 Cold chicken: "Leave the bones on the bedroom mat", sang the Dwarves.  (we did not leave the bones on the bedroom mat...)  Home brews porter (ale, beer)... actually rootbeer.  Bread... of course.
Hot buttered scones and biscuits.
Cakes and more cakes... sausages... and seed cakes

The Hobbit!
Do you have any chips?  Salad... with no tomatoes... cheese
These little gingerbreadmen marshmallows we shall call our pile of orcs.
 A cheese knife? He eats it by the block.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the new additions and quite frankly... laughed our heads off.

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  1. Mmmm, looks so yummy and like so much fun--the blessing of a large family. My son has watched the 2 discs twice and the other 3 once---already (-: Me, I have some catching up to do....