November 24, 2013

November Days

 Kili turned 6 months, weighing in at 21ish pounds and holding.  He's getting rather busy.  At this age Sam had pulled himself up to standing in his crib. Kili ... not so much.
 Frodo discovered a racoon caught in an unknown person's trap, helpless.  The DNR took care of the situation.

 True Grit
 Aragorn decided to close in our front porch.
 I had gotten 18 bulbs of garlic to plant.  My dad helped plant them when I realized I forgot that we are suppose to take the garlic apart into cloves before planting.  Ooops.  we ended up needing about 4 times as much space...!  Come July hopefully we'll have a wonderful crop of Garlic.
 Thankfully the weather was great this week... unlike THIS week which was so bitterly cold and windy.
 My mom sewing a night gown with Galadriel.
 Marigold in her "winning" jacket. (winter)
 Baling the last of the stalks... or something.
 Stories with grandpa.
 We were also working on putting a waterline into the barn, in case you wondered what a water line looks like.

 Or what the trench looks like when the waterline is buried.  Let's just way we are under constant construction.... and re-construction.
 Kili during Rosary
 I guess he likes to sleep alot... and be cute about it.
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who... Frodo made a wooden sonic screwdriver for funsies.
Anyone notice "google" had a Dr. Who video game on their home page on Nov 23rd?
Anyone see the 50th Anniversary special? We did, it was pretty good, we certainly laughed quite heartily a number of times.

As a friendly reminder 1 WEEK UNTIL ADVENT!

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