November 10, 2013

Life... the Way It Is

 A handful of us had a going-away dinner for a friend of mine that I've known for 22 years.  We have attended all the same parishes, sung in all the same choirs... and now it's time for her to move on.  Ho hum.  Then again.... the internet makes for a very small world.
 Good-bye my friend! Come back and visit often!

After a very delicious Italian dinner I came home to an oddity that only "The Race that Knows Job" will understand.  (Do you know Job?)
 The boys had headed over to do chores when there was a big bang and there was no steering.  It might be noted that steering your vehicle is an important part of being able to drive a vehicle.
 This thingamajigger is suppose to be connected but had become disconnected.
 This picture I just added for the effect. The mirror was already loose.
 It's this thing that is rather important to driving a car. I guess the conversation went something like this:
Hey, Sam, get back on the road.
I can't.
Boys are always full of words. I had expected them to say they were screaming or something. But now, they just remained calm as if it is normal to lose one's drive shaft while driving.
 It might be noted the week before grandma had given Sam a St. Christopher medal to put in his car. Always keep the saints close, they are our true friends.
 Generally when you drive a car you don't carry this thing with you.
 I am very curious, any mechanics out there, is there always cardboard inside this thingie-necessary-for-driving?
 This is where they had their fun.
And this is the web of vines that caught them down in the culvert.

As I got the full story, which really is only, that the drive shaft (I think?) split in 1/2 while driving.... anyway, I said, "Well, boys, this is just a reminder for you. If you have anything on your souls, this might be a good time to get yourself cleaned up!"

Thankfully no harm done and he just needs a new thingie to hold the wheels together. Got any spare parts for a small truck lying around? :D

So I ask, are you of the Race that Knows Job?  In case you need a hint... Job is an Old Testament biblical figure.

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