September 6, 2015

Anne of Green Gables

 5 of the children had an awesome opportunity to be in the play Anne of Green Gables. They had a great time!
 The director did a great job pulling it all together.
 Eowyn was Marilla and did a great job, receiving numerous compliments.

 Rosie was Mrs. Blewett and Aunt Josephine
 Eleanor was one of the school girls and Mary Jo
Frodo was Jimmy Glover and the Reverend, the best part for the boys was their fighting scene, what boy doesn't like a good fighting scene?

 Rosie as Aunt Josephine rudely... and comically... awaken by Anne and Diana.

 Galadriel was Jane Andrews and Mrs. Barry.

Splendid job everyone!


  1. That picture of me with my mouth gaping is ridicules.

  2. Ridiculous, whoops, I thought I changed that typo.