September 6, 2015

Just More Stuff

 There is alot of hair around here so fancy braiding is a normal activity.

 We were blessed to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption on August 25th with the Bishop.  I was busy singing so didn't get any pictures. Prior to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass he blessed fruits, herbs and produce. This was all that was left when I thought to take a picture.
 We've been busy cleaning and purging, methinks it's time for the collection of dry corn cobs to go... what do you think?
 No matter how big or how small, there is always a sibling to play with around here!
 I was blessed to meet our newest God Daughter, the PIE baby, while she was still a wee heathen in the hospital :D
 Cousin L had a most splendid birthday party at this really neat place filled with all kinds of play structures. Fun was the name of the game.

 Poppy, Marigold & Kili went and had a splendid time.

 Kili and the birthday girlie.
 Marigold & Poppy donning their birthday hats.
 Kili with his near-in-age cousin, both kings of the frosting-licking-kingdom.
 Happy birthday, L!

 Who doesn't like a balancing beam?
 Samwise trying to stay out of the picture while I took a picture of his 12 foot corn stalk. You most likely will find interesting decor should you venture to Trinity Acres, just don't be surprised.
 Kili and some ridiculous size zucchini.
 Baby bird found in the woods
 Stick bug
 We ordered a boxful of peaches from a friend and they came in... very delicious I might add.
 So I spent some time cutting while Merry bagged, we'll have some lovely cobblers and such through the winter. I didn't want to do the peeling so I googled recipes that can be used with the peels on, thankfully there were a good many. Yay!
 Pippin riding Ol' Dan, who greatly loved the attention.
 We had 2 calves born within just a few hours of each other. One only made it for a few days :(

The one I let think he's the boss... haha.

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  1. What better way to do your hair, then get a good book and let someone else do it.