September 13, 2015

Turkeys and More Turkeys

 I will leave it to the reader to infer which pictures include turkeys.

 When one is outside engaging in conversation with the butcher, you just might find the beef weights written on the bricks with sidewalk chalk..... of course....

 Sam's new turkeys. If you are local and interested in a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, I'm sure he'd take pre-orders.
 Frodo has been roasting ducks for dinner, he'll be selling the moscovies when they reach the right size, again, he'd take pre-orders :)
 Jack never left again after his sojourn, he's happy here at the farmette.

 It's a dangerous thing for me to go anywhere as there always seems to be a hole or a trench when I get back.

 Bald eagle

Marigold & Kili were very proud of their beards and mustaches.  After school activities can get very interesting around here.


  1. Frodo holding up the "floor" is priceless!

    1. Ahah that is not funny. Hmmm Em I mean Eowyn.