September 20, 2015

Bikes, Beards and Belts

 It's always a project to keep all the tires filled with the plethora of bikes in our kingdom.
 Eowyn (narrator), Frodo (dwarf & sword fight trainer) & Rosie (dwarf) are in Snow White and the 7 Dwarves with our homeschooling group this semester. In working on her costume, Rosie made a beard out of her hair.
 Frodo taking Sweetie out for a walk.
 Group shot at a hotel pool.
 The karate kids were belt tested.  Rosie, Merry & Pippin tested for Green belt, Eleanor tested for blue with green belt & Bilbo tested for orange belt.
Sam tested for green belt.  Here he is stretching before the test. That's the only picture sent to me so far. I wasn't able to attend since I was at the Ladies of Divine Mercy monthly meet.