September 6, 2015

Chow Chips & Karate

 One of the most bizarre local happenings is an annual cow chip throw, truly people actually throw cow pies (they are dry but still.... bizarre, yet comical)  This year 3 of the boys participated in a karate demonstration and marched in the parade.

 Although I'm not a big parade fan, I do like a good marching band.

 I was so excited to see a pro-life representation in the parade that I forgot all about taking a picture, I was clapping wildly for that!   By the time the Circus representation went by I realized I had forgotten to take the other picture.
 A representation of the Durward's Glen Catholic chapel.
 Now this "Whacky Wheeler" was very intertaining!

 Here come my karate kids, though I missed a picture of Merry being that he was on the other side of the road distributing business cards and candies.

No, the "free beer" sign isn't what attracted me (no thanks to beer, ewww...) this is the sister bar and grill to the one where we get our brewer's grains to feed to the animals.


  1. Everyone looked so hot in the parade. Those poor band players, how could they walk and play at the same time!

  2. Ha, that looked like it was fun, but hmmm.