June 28, 2015

Holy Hill

 My parents came out during our crazy May-end, during Confirmation, Graduation, Recital, and Graduation Party and shamefully I didn't get a single picture... argh!  Now my sister and her husband came for a very delightful visit.  Aunt B brought a truck for Kili and he couldn't have been more delighted... or possessive.
 I took my sister, her husband, Pippin and Merry up to Holy Hill. On the way we stopped to fill up, 18 gallons for $1.99. I'm ok with that.  Gotta love BP rewards!
 Beautiful Holy Hill!
 This is the tower we climbed up.
 Pippin near a picture of his Confirmation Patron St. Juan Diego.
 The chapel with the gorgeous stained glass windows is complete, minus any names for future donors.

 Climbing up the tower.
 I am not a fan of heights so this view down the stairs was nauseating, but pretty neat-o!
 My sister in the tower.

 Pippin and Merry

 Visiting Our Lord in the main basicila
 Pallium donated to the basicila by Archbishop Dolan

 Galadriel treated us to one of her baked custards. Yum.
 Bonfire and s'mores.

Baby, Baptism, Beatrice, and Beast

Our newest nephew, Baby B
 The 3rd and final trip to the Space Place. Another great presentation.

 This time they made scale size models of the planets with 3 pounds of dough.

 Frodo bought our latest beast, a mini donkey that came with the name Jack.  (go ahead and laugh we did)
 Jack ran away within 3 hours and we have yet to find him. We are very disappointed.
 Frodo's dog was a bit jealous.
 We went down to see my SIL and 4 of her children in a Willy Wonka play and got stuck in traffic due to this collision.
 From what little I have read the man who drove the semi was actually heading north and somehow had gone over the median strip to the southbound lane and into another vehicle.  The other man was killed (Eternal Rest grant unto him, O Lord and let Perpetual Light shine upon him, may he rest in Peace.) :(
 First we visited some friends and then headed over to the play. I cannot believe I haven't a single picture from the play, will have to snitch some one of these days. Willy Wonka was EXCELLENT!  SIL K was Mrs. Bucket, Cousins starre as Augustus Gloop and 3 Oompa Loompas.

 I had a splendid visit with Beatrice and her mother. Please continue to keep them in your prayers!  This week may give us good news regarding the tumor and an up-coming surgery.

 Sam and Frodo have been big into fishing these days.

 Baby B's baptism in the traditional rite.

 The Churching of Women prayers.

 Fr. Isaac praying to Our Lady with Baby B. Very precious moment.

 Afterwards there was  lovely reception.
 Very hard to see but there were 2 deer out in this field playing in the water, just frolicking about.  It was so cute!
Fish cleaning... ewww.

Our Lady of Loretto

We visited this lovely little treasure of a Church, Our Lady of Loretto.
 It is currently a Church Museum run by the historical society.

 My God Daughter by Confirmation ringing the bell.
 I was delighted to see Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the choir loft.
 Our organist playing the old-fashioned pump organ.
 The Confessional

 Beautiful statues at the High Altar!!
 More old traditional treasures!

 View out the back door.
 Eleanor kneeling at an old standing confessional screen.

Kili checking out the wood stove.
 After our tour we enjoyed a picnic... including cross cookies from our favorite bakery.

I'd love to see this picture in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years...!