June 23, 2007

Our Secret Swimming Spot

There is a park nearby that used to be a trailer park or mobile home park. Quite a few years ago that was all cleared out and is now a rather secluded park. Being in the 90's last week we decided to find a swimming hole and we discovered nearly no one is here during the week!

It's like having our own private lake.

There is quite a bit of seaweed a ways out but the children sure don't seem to mind that!
After the first day with Pippin at the lake, I got on-line and ordered a floatie swimsuit. He has no fear. Being rather long and lean he can actually run in the water.

The day I didn't bring my camera we had a big surprise! The children found lawn statues at the bottom. It was such a hoot that I am still disappointed that I didn't have my camera!

We brought them home and bleached them up. We plan to paint them again and put them in the play woods. There is Charlie with the Lantern, Benjamin Bunny and a dwarf yet to be named.