June 20, 2007

Well Welcomed Guests

We had a tremendous surprise when we found out the other day that my my Uncle B (dad's brother) and Aunt M were coming out to our territory for some meetings and had some time to spare for a nice visit! It's always lovely to have a visit with "Kindred Spirits". We look forward to visiting with them when we go to their territory later in the summer.
The children commented that Grandpa M is very funny but Great Uncle B is even funnier! It was a very enjoyable time, short but completely full of laughter!
Just before we took the group picture. There was a sudden bit of chaos as the cat found a baby bunny for lunch. The children promptly ran to look for the nest and found it just as the dog was getting his paws on another baby bunny!
There was a mad scramble and of course Frodo caught the bunny.
Ooooooh, isn't the bunny scrumptious?! But wow did he screech! He was not one bit happy to be caught. But alas this was only moments before he met his death. The cat was busy with the other bunny so we thought it safe to put this one down. *WAH* The bunny was off in a flash but the cat was after it in a second. We only ended up with a brace of dead coneys. *sniff*

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