June 8, 2007

A Trek to the Zoo

The end of the school year brought us to the local free zoo... note to self: never go to the zoo the week after Memorial Day... every school was on a field trip that day!

Gotta love a penguin!

The penguin pool, it was so hot that day it was tempting to just dive on in! I'd imagine it must be fun to actually get to play with penguins!

Future playstructure at the zoo. There are some rather intense future plans for the zoo!

The Polar Bear probably didn't feel much at home on this particularly warm day!

There is a neat life-like indoor rainforest.

The parrots were showing off.

Grizzly Bear

Some kind of mini-deer.

Just one monkey comparing his size with the other monkeys!

Black Bear

One highlight was the carrousel!

The merry-go-round is quite large and the animals are really nice!

Pippin really enjoyed it. When the ride stopped he kept trying to pump it to go some more.

Now, I can't say this looks like a comfortable way to take a siesta!

Our little group. Note to self: never take the group shot at the end of walking through the zoo on a hot day.

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