June 23, 2007

Ugly Mixer of the Year Award

I bake bread just about every day, about 6 loaves per batch. We had a lovely KitchenAid Classic that worked like a charm, a couple years ago we sold that and upgraded to the 6 qt "Professional". Some 4 replacements later we decided to opt for their "buy out" plan. It simply isn't made to handle daily bread for the large family. So we bought this beauty from some good friends of ours. It's a very old Hobart but built to grind cement I think! In my excitement to make my first batch of bread I completely forgot the oil and salt! Woops! The nice thing is that we can still use all the attachments for things like cheese grinding!


  1. Wonderful--I love mixers, but I've never had a good one!

  2. Looks great!!! I can almost smell the bread baking. How many loaves do you go through a day? 6?

  3. I love it, and yellow is the perfect color for it.